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About MMS

Micromolding Solutions Inc. (MMS) was established in 2009 on the basis of our extensive knowledge in plastic processing and micro/nano manufacturing, which have been accumulated over the past 50 years. MMS offers turn-key solutions for development of precision components and integrated systems, from initial concept design, prototyping, to mass production. MMS has served industries including medical and pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, and automotive. 

Our services are based on our expertise in micro molding, hot embossing, and micro assembling, and have been expanded into the following prototyping and back-end processes: 
  • Micro injection molding of thermoplastic material: products with micro features, weight in milligram. or thickness in micro scale
  • Processing of high aspect ratio structures using laser micromachining, advanced CNC, DRIE-ICP, LIGA or FIB
  • Thin film deposition of different materials including metal, dielectrics and semiconductor
  • Bulk and surface micromachining on silicon and glass
  • ITO deposition
  • Mask fabrication and Nano structure patterning using E-beam Lithography
  • Multilayer PDMS process
  • Glass processing including hydrophobic coating, TGV, and multiple layer stacking
  • Parylene and Teflon coating
  • Substrate dicing and Die thinning
  • Flip-chip, wire bonding, chip encapsulation and custom packaging Microsurgery of microelectronic chips and MEMS device
In collaboration with our long-term partnerships suppliers in Europe, North America, and Asia, we will provide our clients the top quality services at competitive prices. 
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