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MMS is equipped with best-in-class micromolding facilities: a top-end micro injection molding machine of Battenfeld Microsystem 50, a boy injection molding machine, a vertical injection molding machine (30 tons), a Lab-made hot embossing machine (Z-axis resolution 0.0005mm ), a laser cutting and engraving machine, a vacuum drying oven, a ultrasonic cleaning machine, a plasma cleaner, a reflection and transmission microscope, a measurescope, and other equipments for back-end processes. MMS also has access to many facilities from our academic and industrial partners, including Industrial Material Institute of National Research Council, McGill University, and Queen's University et al.. 

Battenfeld Microsystem 50


30 tons Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Plasma Cleaner

Boy Injection Molding Machine

Reflection and Transmission Microscope

Laser Cutting and Engraving machine

Three Dimension Elite Printer

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