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MMS offers one-stop service for design, prototyping, and mass production of small and precision plastic components and plastic-based MEMS devices at low cost. Our services start from our first communication with you via email or phone call and the following flow chart represents part of the services we are offering at Micromolding Solutions Inc.. 

In order to improve the reliability and quality of our product and avoid from repeat tooling cost, our CAE team perform engineering analyses through our whole service process. The material selection and process development will be based on the CAE results.

  • Preliminary stress analysis during the concept design stage
  • Detail stress analysis and optimization at the detail design stage
  • Thermal stress analysis for electronic parts
  • Failure analysis such as fracture and fatigue for special applications
  • Injection molding process simulation for validating and optimizing the design of plastic parts and injection molds

For prototyping, MMS offers services of CNC machining, aluminum mold, stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototyping, and selective laser sintering (SLS).

A specific micro molding process for a product is mainly selected on the basis of the structure, geometry, application, material, production volume, and costs. Our vertical injection molding machine also enables insert injection molding, overmolding, in-mold decoration, and in-mold assembly.  

Micro/nano injection molding

Micro/nano injection molding suits for manufacturer of large numbers of micro-components with complex shape and high surface quality at low cost.  The smallest parts we have successfully realized include a gear with diameter of 2 µm.

Hot Embossing/nanoimprinting

Hot embossing suits for prototyping and low to medium volume productions. The process can be used to replicate structures in the few tens of nanometers. Because of lack of phase transition in the process, internal stress of the resulted products tends to be low. Therefore hot embossing suits for producing optical products requiring low birefringence and little warpage.

Micro injection compression molding

Micro injection compression molding is a combination of hot embossing and micro injection molding. The process consists of injecting the melt into the cavity, while the mold is not totally closed. After the injection stage, the mold is closed to compress the melt and to completely fill the cavity. Therefore it combines the advantage of quick cycle time of injection molding and replication accuracy of hot embossing. This process has been successfully used for producing centrifugal microfluidics.

Tooling Services 

Our long-term tooling partners in North American, Europe, and Asia and our extensive experiences in project management enable us to take the highest challenges but to provide most cost-effective micromolding solutions for developing and commercializing your products. We have successfully developed various plastic components and devices, such as dental components, microfluidic devices, electronic and photonics components, and scientific and experimental components.

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