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MMS had worked closely with our engineering team and manufactured our plastic components with precision in a few microns.The quality level, the delivery time and the overall cooperation experience had exceeded our expectations. 
Marine, CTS Canada

Welcome to Micromolding Solutions

Micromolding Solutions Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures small and precision plastic components and polymer-based functional devices, which are increasingly demanded in the fields of life science, electronics, medical, photonics, automotive, and aerospace. On the basis of micro injection molding, injection compression molding, insert molding, and hot embossing for thermoplastic materials, our services have expanded to precision machining, electrode fabrication, surface modification, interfacing techniques, and 3D integration. 

We start to work with our clients at early stage in a project as when the need for a new product is first expressed. We offers both production and engineering services, from material selection, to product design, mold design and fabrication, prototyping, process development, mass production, and back-end services for assembling plastic-based devices, such as electrode fabrication, micro machining, surface modification, and packaging. Our products have been applied in fields of medicine, electronics, security, microfluidics, MEMS, photonics, in vitro diagnostics, laboratory research, automotive, telecommunication, and aerospace.

In 2010, MMS expanded into micro/nano machining. MMS can provide micro milling and laser micromachining of virtually all materials and the most common materials processed by MMS include polymers, metals, glasses, silicon, optical materials, composites, ceramics, and thin films. The laser micromachining services include laser cutting, laser micro drilling, laser welding, laser marking and laser engraving. MMS has the capability to drill precision microholes as small as 1 micron with submicron positional tolerances. The alternative methods, µEDM and micro milling machine, are used for drilling holes with diameter in a few tens microns. 

We would appreciate an opportunity to be the extension of your engineering team and to integrate our expertise into your engineering objectives, from concept design, prototyping, material selection, process simulation, tooling, mass production, asse
mbling, and multi-material technology. For any inquiries, please call us at 514-225-4736 or email your requests to 

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